Dap-ay Discourse Uno launching on Dec 10


BAGUIO CITY – Very soon to be available is the book for the public who reads and wants to learn a bit more about the people, the land and the strife hurdled in the Cordillera ranges as seen thru the eyes of one who begun in the Sagada Dap-ay. Publishers and the author invite all the book worms, enthusiasts and students of the Cordillera experience and stories to get their copies at cost at its launching.

The Dap-ay Discourse Uno, will be launched on December 10, 2017 at 6:00 PM, at the Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (PBTS) Gym, Guisad, Baguio.

A must read on “Indigenous social values to live by, expressed in the Igorot Sagada Kankanaey language and the recognition of how Indigenous values and discipline nourish social well being, and contributes to building a socialist order that truly cares for people; and nurtures the econiche to sustain present and future generations.”

The first (uno) volume of a documentation-story-telling style that makes the study of history closer to the readers’ experiences like reading non fiction in the style of literary narratives of legends or grandmother’ stories of how-it-was when she was younger along with the lessons she wants the young ones to gain:

Ipeyas nan gawis
Objective to share whatever is
good on practices and values in
livelihood, health, social relations,
and overall people’s welfare

Collective action or mass
mobilization in defence of
territory, life and honor as well as
for any contingency or disaster

Exhortation not to waste
material things especially food
items and to be good stewards of
nature -akin to mantra of
“reduce, reuse, recycle”

Counsel for positive attitude
and initiative in the midst of
adversity, that crisis come and go
as the light of day follows
the darkness of night.

Admonition not to harm and to be
good in relations with individuals,
the community and the
environment – or akin to karma.

The Author, Benedict E. Solang, is a Kankanaey Sagada Igorot Filipino, with a diploma in AB Anthropology and Masters in Environmental Planning (MEP) from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Q.C. He used to work in government research and planning, also with the Episcopal Church of the Philippines (Bontoc) on development planning and social action, then mostly with Cordillera NGOs and peoples organizations. An activist for genuine people’s development, indigenous peoples rights and human rights, for national democracy and socialism, and for a world without discrimination.

Dapay Discourse Uno, is the first volume published by the Northern Media Information Network (NMIN). Limited copies will be available on its intial book launch, interested parties mark it on your calendar, purchase it while “it is hot” and be our guest this coming Sunday, Dec. 10. # nordis.net


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