Bandillo: Double whammy


Duterte in his audaciously humbug stance, delivered double whammy blows against the peace process. Proclamation No. 360 terminates the peace process between the government and the CPP-NPA-NDF and Proclamation 370 declares the revolutionary belligerent forces as identified terrorist organization under Republic Act No. 10168 or the Act  Defining the Crime of Financing Terrorism. 

Consequently, Duterte ordered a series of attacks on revolutionary forces and threatens to employ violence even to the legal democratic forces and organizations. 

The draconian laws are the latest  in regime’s anti-democratic measures. These may quickly lead to illegal and explicit seizure of power by imposing “revolutionary government” and/or extended military rule across the country. 

The campaigns against extremists, campaigns against the NPA and the whole revolutionary movement, are mere pretext and cover for imposing dictatorship and fascist suppression.

Prepare for intensified repression

In the face of rigorous situation, there is no recourse left for the people but to face the current situation with great zeal and courage, intensify their political struggles, expose violation after violation of people’s democratic civil and political rights, arouse, organize and mobilize them,  and, enjoin them to engage in various forms of resistance.

As Mao said, we should always trust and rely on the people – he means the basic masses. We should consolidate and strengthen their basic mass organizations. Expand them and unite with all other democratic, patriotic,  progressive, and positive groups and elements. When the people are united, they will be able to overcome fascist attacks. They will be able to isolate the utterly militarist, reactionary and puppet Duterte regime.

Duterte is peddling out lies and vulgarities to discredit the national democratic movement. This is to justify the merciless armed suppression of the revolutionary movement and the masses of peasants, national minorities and Moros in the countryside. It is thus imperative to expose and demand justice for every case of regime’s crime and abuse.

The regime must be held accountable for more than thirteen thousand tokhang deaths in his anti-drug war campaign, for the half million victims of his Marawi war, and for the growing number of victims of Oplan Kapayapaan – mostly peasant and indigenous leaders and activists.

The progressive mass movement must combat fascist suppression of the fascist AFP and defend democratic rights and advance legal struggles. Unite the masses and lead them.

Harness the support of and mobilize the patriotic and democratic forces in protesting fascist attacks, schemes and propaganda in streets, schools, churches, factories, community, mass media, courts, parliament, etc.

Provide support to the victims, their relatives and sympathizers to seek redress and demand justice. Identify the worst fascist criminals and make them accountable.

Advance people’s struggles

The progressive movement must relentlessly advance the people’s struggles. Develop and advance the antifascist and anti-imperialist movement that supports and sympathizes with the main anti-feudal movement in the countryside.

Build the broadest united antifascist front and thoroughly isolate the militarist, reactionary and puppet US-Duterte regime.The regime shall face the powerful resistance and wrath of the powerful unity of all patriotic, democratic, progressive and positive forces.

Now more than ever, the struggle for genuine agrarian reform and national industrialization must be intensified in the light of aggressive moves to open the country to foreign big business and control through charter change and adoption of neoliberal schemes, measures and proposals.

Push for the abrogation of all onerous and one-sided military treaties like the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, among others. Oppose the anti-people and anti-poor neoliberal measures like the newly imposed tax reform law (TRAIN), the economic agreements and formations like the RCEP, the APEC, among others.

Expose the rampant corruption in all levels of the government. Duterte’s campaign against corruption is hollow and mere lip service as he remains servile to and honors great plunderers like Marcos, Estrada and Arroyo.

Recognize the widespread and intense aspirations of citizens for genuine, long-term and just peace. Support the broad democratic appeal for the continuation of the peace negotiations in accordance with the agreed framework of solving the roots of the armed conflict. #


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