Youthspeak: ASEAN integration in education, no benefit for students


By now, most universities and colleges shifted from the old academic calendar year, (June to March) to the new academic calendar year (August to May) due to the ASEAN integration within education. The calendar shift was adjusted to sync with the South East Asian nation’s academic school calendar ideally making it easier for students to enroll in schools in South East Asia. However, most students do not have the luxury to go study abroad making the academic calendar shift elitist, namely for those who can afford it.

Students and teachers at Ifugao State University (IFSU) are adversely affected by the calendar shift since the number of classes had been lessened due to Holidays, major school activities, and PLGU-led activities. Almost every week, lessons are disturbed due to these activities within the first 3 months like the Nutrition Month, Buwan ng Wika, All Saint’s Day, All Souls Day, and in addition to that, the Cordillera Administrative Region Association of State Universities and Colleges (CARASUC) Athletic meets. Furthermore, the weather in Ifugao is usually at its worst bringing heavy rains during the ber-months (September to December) worsening the situation. 

Likewise, the curriculum was also revised to make Filipino students more globally competitive to cope with the needs of the fast changing economy pertaining to the ASEAN integration. Even K12 influences your curriculum in college.  Students who didn’t take a core class in senior high-school must retake the class in college disturbing the regular tract.  It just goes to show that the decisions and policies were not meant to benefit the Filipino people and community rather it was meant to benefit the global market economy.

The quality of education is now jeopardized with some teachers rushing their lessons because of a mass of topics needed to be discussed in a short time. There is also a shift to student centered learning known as OBEdized curriculum where teachers facilitate while students are encouraged to teach the lessons for their subject. Contractual teachers on the other hand are “kawawa/dehado” at a disadvantage having no salary for the day due to no classes or postponed classes.

So much for quality education.  ASEAN integration has not been beneficial for students and teachers. Calendar shift indeed “helps” make us, students and teachers suffer for the benefit of those whose god is money.#


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