Students commemorate 100th anniv of Russian Revolution


BAGUIO CITY — The 7th of November (27th of October in the Russian calendar) marks the centennial celebration of one of the things that shook the world—the October Russian Revolution.

Several groups from all over the world, including the Philippines, celebrated the 100th anniversary of this historic event.

Students all over the country also took part in commemorating what can be called the first solid alliance between the peasant and the workers.

On the same day, League of Filipino Students-Metro Baguio together with the University of the Philippines-Baguio University Student Council Nationalist Corps, organized a forum discussing the effects of Imperialism in the current century.

October Rev Centennial

According to the paper released by International League of Peoples’ Struggle, the Russians held the February Revolution wherein huge numbers of people marched on the streets of their city centers. Classes in Petrograd, a city in Russia, were suspended because almost all students took part in the intensifying call to join the revolution. The students also took a big part in championing the October Revolution.

Like the students in Russia, the Filipino youth and students must take the initiative to be in the forefront of the masses’ struggle for national democracy.

John Rey Dave Aquino of Anakbayan UP Baguio said in an interview, “It is high time for students to take part in the masses’ struggle, to integrate with them, and to fight with them. The best learning, aside from the four corners of a classroom, is outside with the basic masses.”

He added, “The centennial commemoration of October Revolution reminds the students, especially the Iskolars ng Bayan, to serve the people even in the highest forms.”

Imperialism in the 21st century

The same year of the October Revolution is also the same year of the publication of one of Vladimir Lenin’s greatest work—Imperialism, The Highest Stage of Capitalism. On the day of the centennial celebration, LFS-Metro Baguio held a forum on the recent manifestations of Imperialism in the world.

The forum was named ‘Imperialism in the 21st century’ and was held at UPB Sarmiento Hall. Ramon “Bomen” Guillermo, the speaker of the forum, is a well-known scholar-activist and professor of University of the Philippines Diliman.

According to Guillermo, the topic of the forum is good to discuss with students and is timely, especially with United States President Donald Trump visiting the country.

In an interview with Alyssa Mamuyac, chairperson of LFS-Metro Baguio, said, “In memoriam of Lenin’s greatest contribution, LFS offers this timely discussion to evoke students from different schools in Baguio about the ills of Imperialism and its implications in our country’s economy, politics, culture, and military affairs.”

“It was great to see that many students, inside and outside UP Baguio, went to the forum to learn about this,” said Mamuyac.

The forum is a 3 hour discussion with Bomen Guillermo, and was part of LFS-Anakbayan-Sigma Kappa Pi-UPB USC Nationalist Corps-ACT Teachers collaboration in the celebration of October Revolution Centennial. Over a hundred of students and teachers went to the said forum. #


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