MP folk resolve dispute the traditional way


BONTOC, Mountain Province — Once again, the people of Barangays Saclit and Bikigan in the Municipality of Sadanga and Barangays Poblacion and Kayan in the municipality of Tadian prove that issues can be effectively resolved immediately in the traditional way.

The issue between the said communities was resolved through a series of meetings between said communities that were facilitated and mediated by the Movement for the Advancement of Intertribal Unities and Development (MAITUD) in the persons of Abraham Battawang and Father Pablo Buyagan, and the Provincial Indigenous Mandatory Representative in the person of Hon. Tomas Tawagen, in partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Philippines (EDNP), in coordination with the provincial Governor.

It can be recalled that on the evening of October 21, Jomar Tammocho a 3rd year engineering student of Mountain Province State Polytechnic College (MPSPC) Tadian campus, 19 years old, single, from Saclit and Bikigan, Sadanga, Mountain Province was mauled by his fellow carpenters in the house they were building in Tadian, Mountain Province after saying “Idiay Sadanga, no adda ti agpaaramid iti kastoy kadakkel nga balay ket agbayad ti revolutionary tax.” (In Sadanga, if somebody builds a house this big, he pays revolutionary tax).

The perpetrators are namely Aben Pangkawey, Clayton Pangkawey, a certain Mr. Lipas, all from Poblacion Tadian, and Marlon Perez from Kayan, Tadian.

According to reports the four took off Tammocho’s clothes and put him in a sack after beating him with their fists and with a piece of wood then put him in a car which they drove away with. Along the way Tammocho was able to get himself out of the sack and jumped out of the car without the four perpetrators knowing. He was able to find his way to the Luis Hora Memorial Hospital where he was hospitalized.

Nineteen days after the incident, the dispute was resolved after a series of meetings between the communities of the victim and the perpetrators. This shows that disputes can be resolved through peaceful means without going through the long and costly formal justice system.

The first Paranga will be hosted by the Tadian people on November 25 of this year. According to the Saclit Elders and leaders, Paranga is a ritual that has to be done to affirm that both parties are satisfied with the agreements and renew the ties of brotherhood between both communities. It is also the venue where both communities agree on how they protect each other, and how to farther strengthen their brotherhood. This is also when they schedule the date of the next Paranga which will be hosted by the Saclit people.

Tadian folk paid P390,000 to the Saclit folk. The Saclit folk returned P150,000 to the Tadian folk to be spent for the Paranga. The P90,000 was given to the victim. The other P150 will be spent in the next Paranga which will be hosted by the Saclit folk that is yet to be scheduled in the November 25 actvity. #


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