Letters: Baguio traffic and the ASEAN summit


17 November 2017

I was in Manila during the ASEAN Summit.The traffic solution in the Metropolis was to suspend classes and work, and it worked somehow for the traffic. However not totally a sound solution as Manila folks went up to Baguio and created horrendous increase in traffic and apparently not anticipated by the City Government.

Metro Baguio commuters stayed in the roads for hours, you get to sense the rage from the ranting and raving in social media and other media.

The vehicles in the City and surrounding towns are overwhelmingly enough to occupy the roads of the City. If indeed visitors come to Baguio because of Baguio’s beauty, can the City officials add another unique feature to Baguio as a destination where visitors walk and use local public vehicles once here? This will make sense for taxi and PUJ drivers who suffer income loss and commuters wasting productive time due to heavy traffic. Serious regulation of private vehicles coming in and going around the City is truly needed. The City’s tourist spots are a walking distance and the cool weather should be a reason to enjoy. It is healthy and definitely will reduce gas emissions.

Travel in public buses and use of public vehicles while in Baguio creates convenience for everyone. Let’s impress a feature of Baguio where visitors enjoy the walks. # nordis.net

* Vernie Yocogan-Diano is a resident of Happy Hallow, Baguio City.


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