Baguio protests Trump visit


BAGUIO CITY — Progressive groups staged a protest against the arrival of United States President Donald Trump on November 13, Monday.

This was in time for the ASEAN Summit and related meetings in the country. Protesters underscored the worsening of exploitation and oppression with the agreements being talked about in the summit.

Geraldine Cacho of Tongtongan ti Umili (TTU) scored the ASEAN for being an instrument employing neoliberal policies in the Philippines. She said these policies contribute to greater plunder of our resources. Take for example, the hundreds of mining explorations and applications in the Cordilleras.

She also slammed the proposed tax reform package by the government as dictated by global superpowers.

“It will decrease the tax for the rich, and increase it for the poorest of the poorest,” she said.

Meanwhile, Luke Bagangan of youth group Anakbayan-Cordillera denounced the Education Act of 1992, which gave the capitalist-educators the freedom to hike the tuition fee, as an effect of sticking with neoliberal policies.

He also slammed the K12 program which is bent on creating cheap and docile labor for capitalist interests.

Ma Chai, a student from Hong Kong, also extended his warm solidarity message, saying that “it is not only the struggle of the Philippines. It is also our struggle.”

Protesters also condemned the continuing persecution of women human rights defenders by elements of the 7th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army. They say it is done under the guidance of the US Counterinsurgency (COIN) program. #


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