Baguio dads declare observance of Human Rights Day


BAGUIO CITY — The Baguio City council unanimously passed a resolution declaring December 10 every year as International Human Rights Day in the city and support activities commemorating it.

The said resolution authored by Councilor Arthur Allad-iw was passed during the regular council session last November 20.

The resolution also commended various human rights advocates for staging activities that include information and education campaigns promoting human rights.

Allad-iw in his resolution said that December 10 is commemorated the world over as International Human Rights Day because on the said day in 1948 the United Nations general assembly adopted the Universal Declartion of Human Rights (UDHR).

He added that the 1987 Philippine Constitution mandates congress to enact measures that protect and uphold human rights.

“Whereas, the 1987 Philippine Constitution mandates Congress to give highest priority to the enactment of measures that protect and enhance the right of all people to human dignity, reduce social, economic and political inequities, and remove cultural inequities by equitably diffusing wealth and political power for the common good,” the resolution read.

Allad-iw also said in his resolution that apart from the UDHR, the UN has enacted various instruments for the protection of human rights that include the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights among others.

He added that the Philippines, being among the original members of the UN and a signatory to various human rights instruments is obliged to uphold these instruments in the country. #


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