As The Bamboos Sway: Digong sings to dedicate his “tutaism”


President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte sang at the recent ASEAN conference, “uninvited,” at the behest of his “commander-in-chief,” US President Donald Trump. That would be the ultimate “tutaism” on his part.

During the number of Pilita Corrales who was singing “Ikaw,” Digong, “uninvited,” joined the rendition. With his tenor voice, it would have been fine, and the applause would have been appropriate until he said these telling words at the end of the song: “I sang uninvited and had a duet with Pilita Corrales upon the order of the commander-in-chief of the United States.”

Upon the order of the commander-in-chief of the United States? The president of the Philippines takes orders from the president of the United States? Even in jest, this is out beyond protocol.

And what is the title of the song? “Ikaw?” In content, the song merely says that you are the reason why I exist. In miss-sing as in misspeak, Digong is saying that the Donald is the reason why he exists?

One can only judge Digong along these lines with his repertoire:

1. He is a pathological liar. He premised his campaign with which he garnered 16 million votes on his kicking out the US imperialist forces off the Islands. Instead he has strengthened the presence of the US forces through the EDCA, had them involved in the Marawi battles against dubbed ISIS, and received more armament hardware from the US.

2. He is hypocritical cowering coward spouting only brave words when his imagined enemies are not around (to the extent of cursing them and tossing his dirty finger at them) to the delight of a consenting audience only to whimper like a puppy when face to face with the Donald.

3. He is schizophrenic with multiple personalities that one does not really know the Digong who wakes up in the morning to run the country of the Philippines. He is the brave, the jester, the liar, the take back his word guy, and now the singer. One thing is sure that will stand. He is the EJK executioner.

4. If not quasi, he is a racist, referring to former President Barack Obama as ‘black’ and cursing him with ‘put… na’ while praising the Donald to high heavens even being at glee with the prospect on coming to the US at the Donald’s inviting him to the Trumps’ residence in New York (not in the White House). This, despite Digong saying that he is not interested to go to the US during Obama’s time. With this, Digong is siding with the Donald who is strongly siding with the white supremacists in the US whose attacks are directed towards, among other ethnicities, Filipino-Americans.

5. Digong shows he really does not have the Filipinos’ sentiments in his heart. With the Donald’s threat of attacking North Korea, he is dragging the Philippines to a war with which the nation could be nuked because to the US forces presence in the Archipelago. Digong is also not considering that the Donald, early on, barred Filipinos from coming to the US because he considered the Philippines as a terrorist haven and Filipinos immigrating could be terrorists. Digong is not considering that there are around 3.4 million Filipinos in the United States that are among Americans poised to defend their social security benefits, tax status, Medicare and insurance rights that are being adversely affected with the evolving policies of the current administration of the Donald.

6. Dovetailing from number 5, Digong really represents the ruling class of the Philippines which is predominantly of the landlord class. Describing the striking drivers last October as “patay-gutom” showed his disdain for the poor. Welcoming the Donald and singing at his behest makes Digong bless the relation of the imperialists and the landlords in their concerted efforts to keep the Philippines as an agrarian country and underdeveloped devoid of industrialization – this relationship being the cause of the country’s non-development, unemployment, and spiraling down poverty to include all the ills of society with drug addiction as but an offshoot.

True, Filipinos love to sing. True, we sing a lot to entertain ourselves and others. Imelda Marcos sang a lot to entertain but her singing was used by Ferdinand Marcos as a weapon to woo his friends and those he would like to influence. But her singing was not done at the behest of anyone, at least.

Digong’s singing as ordered by the commander-in-chief of the United States says, glaringly, something deeper that reflects the status of Philippines in its lopsided relationship with the United States. #


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