As The Bamboos Sway: AFP is against revolutionary gov’t?


On November 8, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and Lt. Gen. Rey Leonardo Guerrero, chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) assured Vice President Leni Robredo that the military will not support any move placing the country under a revolutionary government. According to the Vice-President “Both Secretary Lorenzana and AFP chief of staff Guerrero assured us, in no uncertain terms, that they would not support a revolutionary government and any other threat to the Constitution.”

As it should be.

Professional soldiers swear to abide by the constitution; not to follow the whims of a president.

Last October, President Rodrigo Duterte harped on placing the Philippines under a “revolutionary government” saying if “your destabilization is worsening, and it is becoming chaotic.” He referred to the alleged destabilization plot by communist groups, as well as the “yellows,” or the allies of Liberal Party and the previous administration of President Benigno Aquino.

If ever he declares a revolutionary government, in effect, Duterte is destabilizing his own government. He is overthrowing himself as president of the Philippines. He would be ruling without the guidance of the Constitution of the Philippines, but the Constitution should still exist.

And guess what, according to the constitution, who would be president if Duterte is no longer the president? Correct, Leni Robledo would or should become the president.

Oh! Wow! What a scene it would be. What drama.

Let’s back tract a bit. Here is the oath of a member of the Armed Force of the Philippines and why Lt. Gen. Rey Leonardo Guerrero should not support a revolutionary government by Duterte: “I am a Filipino soldier. I will support and defend the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines… I will obey all laws, legal orders, and decrees of my lawful superior at all times.”

To reiterate, if Guerrero be true or any soldier of the AFP be true, he swore not only to uphold the constitution but also, only, with emphasis on obeying all laws (presumably under the constitution and legal orders and decrees of his lawful superior always). Meaning, if Duterte becomes a rebel, Guerrero is bound to obey all orders of Leni Robledo, ex-vice-president and president of the Philippines.

Otherwise, if the soldiers of the AFP will follow Duterte and his projected revolutionary government, it will be like being a fascist German soldier of old whose allegiance was to the Fuhrer and not the constitution of Germany, thus reciting the Reichswehreid: “I swear by God this holy oath, that I want to offer unconditional obedience to the Führer of the German Reich and people, Adolf Hitler, the commander-in-chief of the Wehrmacht, and be prepared as a brave soldier to risk my life for this oath at any time.”

But wait, is this the real reason why Guerrero, speaking for the AFP, is not going to follow Duterte? The Constitution? Is he not afraid of being in the unfavorable side of the Duterte and not afraid of being fired like those minions who got fired because they earned the ire of the president? What could be the real reason or reasons why the AFP won’t follow Duterte?

Well, for one thing, the statistical rating of the Digong has been plummeting on a sharp dive. The peso likewise has been plummeting. You can hear rumblings from the so-called DDS side and a number has openly come out saying they were wrong to have voted for Duterte. Land reform has not been instituted as promised and the peasantry’s champion secretary has been fired by the Commission on Appointments (CA). The champion of the needy secretary of the Department of Social Welfare has likewise been fired. Gina Lopez, anti-destruction of the environment, was not also upheld as Department of Environment and Natural Resources secretary. Digong has not brought home or there is really no program to bring home the overseas workers. There are no groundworks for industrialization as projected. Contractualization still beset part-time lowly workers.

Moreover, the drug war of Duterte which has resulted to unprecedented extra judicial killing has no end in sight where Duterte promised that it should have been over within six months of his presidency. Most glaring is that there are indications that the Duterte family is actually involved in billions of shabu business where Duterte would not sign a waiver attesting that he is actually “poor”. And there are other strings of litanies of promises he failed to keep.

Maybe the AFP is really feeling that the Digong’s days are numbered and ready to be constitutionalized to hail Leni? I can only guess.

But wait. What if Bongbong Marcos’ recount bid really makes him the elected vice-president? Oh! Wow! What a scene it would be. What drama.

But that is another story. #


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