Metro Baguio opposes impending fare hike


BAGUIO CITY — Drivers and commuters alike are worried about a possible fare hike due to the government’s transport modernization plan that would result to the phase out of majority of public utility jeepneys.

The proposed hike rates range from P12 to P20 pesos from the current P8.50. The P12 rate comes from the said 50% hike. The test model e-jeepneys in Metro Manila are already collecting P20 fare.

But according to the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), that the fare would not reach P15 under the “modernization plan.”

Pagkakaisa ng mga Tsuper at Operaytor Nationwide (Piston)-Metro Baguio President Carlito Wayas said that a fare hike is inevitable in the government’s transport modernization plan as it puts the whole transport system in the hands of “a few capitalists.”

“The jeepney phaseout will eventually lead to the disappearance of the ordinary, small operators and to the tyranny of big capitalists. The capitalists will surely hike the fare because they seek profit, not service,” he added.

Meanwhile, Geraldine Cacho of Tongtongan Ti Umili (TTU) said the impending fare hike will have devastating effects on the commuters.

“That will be heavy on everyday expenses. All of us, we go from residence to school, work or market. It is heavy, especially for students and their parents,” she said.

She further added that the jeepney phaseout favors foreign companies over our own, citing that while the current jeepneys are Filipino-made, the new e-jeepneys will be sourced from big foreign corporations. #


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