Bandillo: The die is cast


“Gusto nila ako paalisin dito sa Malacañang,” said President Rodrigo Duterte on October 4 in a press conference.  

Duterte alleged that the left, including the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, and the “yellow,” the derogatory term often used to refer to the Liberal Party and the previous administration, had joined forces, to oust him.

Solicitor General Calida himself corroborates the alleged conspiracy. “There are black [propaganda] operations against President Duterte that come from various forms and colors. They will not succeed. They are doing subversive activities and we can send them to jail for that.”  

In a draconian pronouncement, Calida warned that “the attack against the President and the government are subversive activities.” Among the black propaganda  operations allegedly being waged against the President was the supposed investigation on his reported unexplained wealth.

When asked why the opposition badly wanted Duterte out of office, Calida mentioned two reasons:

1) The political losers cannot accept the fact that they lost to a Mayor from Davao City; and

2) It is a matter of political lust. They want to regain their political power and they are using many issues like the EJK (Extra Judicial Killing), death of minors.

The creation of the Citizen National Guard signals and encourages vigilantism against perceived opposition whom they declared as ‘enemies of the state’.  

Among the enemies of state that the group want to protect the government from are ISIS-inspired terrorism, Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army, drug cartels, the political opposition, and foreign intelligence agencies for generation of international support for regime change.

Government officials, including Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, Solicitor General Calida and Public Attorney’s Office chief Persida Rueda Acosta attended the group’s event earlier this week. Interestingly, they all came from the Department of Justice.

Left-Yellow conspiracy?

Bayan has declared there is no Left-Yellow conspiracy. The national democratic movement has never concealed its calls and objectives. And has always been transparent with its goals. 

“Bayan is part of a broad movement fighting tyranny and a return to dictatorship. It stands against extrajudicial killings, Martial Law, and political repression under the Duterte regime. The broad movement involves different groups and personalities with different political affiliations. Church groups, students and artists are also part of the growing movement,” says Renato Reyes in his Facebook post.

“Ang dami nang multong nilikha ang Pangulo. Instead of complaining about an imagined Left-Yellow conspiracy, Duterte should explain why the DOJ is backing what appears to be a pro-Duterte vigilante group in the form of the Citizens National Guard. Also, more alarming than the imagined Left-Yellow conspiracy is the proliferation of disinformation using government resources,” Reyes added.

Duterte’s claims of a conspiracy of the reds and yellows to topple him, the CPP  warned,  must be viewed as a prelude to “set the stage to clampdown on the political opposition and all other forces standing up against moves to establishing Duterte’s authoritarian rule.”

“What Duterte claims to be a “conspiracy” is, in fact, the broad community of various political and social groups which have been roused to make a stand and act against relentless killings by police, soldiers and vigilantes, aerial bombardment against communities, militarization and threats to bomb Lumad schools, suspension of the writ of habeas corpus and martial law in Mindanao, heightened campus repression and other acts of fascist tyranny of the Duterte regime,” the CPP averred.

As of late, the national democratic left has no formal alliance yet with the Liberal Party and others in the political opposition. 

However, the Communist Party of the Philippines  (CPP) “recognizes initiatives and action of other groups in resisting tyranny of President Rodrigo Duterte.” It also castigated the latter (Duterte) for his “intolerance of all opposition and dissent.” 

“He intends on monopolizing political power. Duterte wants to clampdown and silence all who disagree with his policies and methods. He has threatened to impose martial law. His officials and loyalists have openly declared plans to use all means to have all those who dissent to be imprisoned,” the CPP emphasized.

“His triple war of death and destruction, his fascist and bureaucrat capitalist rule, corruption and US subservience have roused widespread people’s resistance. Calls for his ouster continue to mount,” the CPP concluded.

At the rate the Duterte regime is responding to dissent by strong-arm tactics, it is not far-fetched that a broader, wider alliance of all opposition and parties against tyranny and fascism be established soonest. 

The die is cast. #


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