Tongtongan co-sponsors forum on Baguio


BAGUIO CITY — Tongtongan ti Umili co-sponsored by the Saint Louis Center Alumni Association held a forum on people’s issues and prospects in celebration of Baguio City’s 108th charter anniversary at the Saint Louis Center Social Hall, Assumption Road last September 1, 2017.

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), Alliance of Health Workers, Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), Anakbayan, Progressive Igorots for Social Action (PIGSA) and Organisasyon dagiti Nakurapay nga Umili ti Syudad (ORNUS) were some of the organizations who attended the forum along with students from different universities in Baguio City and Benguet.

The forum exposed the issues and concerns of Baguio City citizens on the progress and development of the city especially on its basic social services and industries. Different local and national policies which were implemented by the government to resolve these issues and concerns and their effectivity in contributing to the development of the city were discussed in the forum.

Prof. Ronald Taggaoa of ACT discussed the main points of neoliberalism and its effects to a country’s economy and on the sustainability of social services.

“Neoliberalism cuts public expenditures for social services. It causes deregulation and privatization of social services therefore eliminating the concept of the public good or community,” said Prof. Taggaoa.

Jeoff Larua, Secretariat of the Tongtongan ti Umili-Cordillera Peoples Alliance, discussed the current Baguio situation on health, education, industries and public utilities which exposed the continuous contractualization of workers, deregulation and privatization of social services, increase in tuition fees and pollution of environment in Baguio City.

Furthermore, the declining growth of development of Baguio City due to the neoliberal policies implemented by the government were discussed in the forum.

Tongtongan ti Umili-Cordillera Peoples Alliance calls for the national and local government to advert to its constitutional mandate and to stop the implementation of neoliberal policies and programs. #


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