Editorial: Amun Jadid


Duterte also greeted the Muslim population a Happy New Year. September 21 is also the Islamic New Year or Amun Jadid celebrated by all Muslims the world over. But he did not say anything about the immediate end of martial law over the Island of Mindanao where most of the Muslim population of the country are located. He did not say anything about the annihilating bombs and deadly firing of guns he until now commands against schools, mosques and the people of Marawi City, the City whose majority population are Muslims.

From northern Baguio to southern Marawi, Filipinos muslim and christian alike protest against the cruelness of martial law anywhere in the country by reminiscing and remember that martial rule under the late dictator. Because the present administration is apparently taking the same path of tyranny. Victims of the martial law in the 70s came out to share their experiences to the public and compared it to the recent events under the Duterte promise for change.

Nobody wants their communities to be bombed even if it is supposedly under siege by so-called terrorists. The AFP themselves said that their pursuit of the terrorists in Marawi will be over in less than a month but it looks they have continued to create more terrorists from their own arsenal and troops, and then are reported to be pointing guns against the Marawi civilian population.

In the Lakbayan 2017 of national minorities from all over the country (which culminates today), particularly the victims who marched from different areas in Mindanao shared stories of military operations against civilian communities, the extra judicial killings done against the sectors of peasants, women and youth. The bloody war on drugs or Oplan Tokhang, Double barrel that allegedly targets drug users and peddlers mostly among the poor and not at the lords of the drug trade itself. The bombing of community built schools of the Lumad in their ancestral lands that large corporate farms, mining and energy companies want to simply take over for large profits, for themselves. It sounded like they were also talking about Abra, Ifugao, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, Ilocos Sur, or Kalinga, in northern Luzon.

Here in the people’s assembly or mass action, makes one realize it is important to link arms now as a people for our rights and fight for the future generations, all together now against tyrany! And, a true Amun Jadid. # nordis.net


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