Editorial: A National Day of Protest


The President declared the anniversary date of the declaration of martial law by then president Ferdinand Marcos as the first national day of protest, as if to steal and take away the thunder from the legitimate protest and rage of the Filipino people against the oppressive fascist dictators’ rule of the country. The present administration said, it is a day “when people from all walks of life and persuasion can freely hold marches, demonstrations, public assemblies and all forms of mass action to express their grievances against perceived or actual excesses and/or shortcoming of the government.”

Human rights are violated by governments and human rights are not something “given on a silver platter, one has to fight for it, to assert it.” It is the people’s right to freedom of expression and the right to assemble, to march, to demonstrate, to hold organize mass actions. On the 45th anniversary of the declaration of Martial law, it is significant to the Filipino people to protest the killings, the tyranny, the bombings, the declaring of martial law done under the present dispensation with sheer impunity. There is no need for an executive declaration for a day of protest especially from one so unpredictably whimsical, and for a people awakening.

The mass actions today only show that millions instinctively feel responsible that something has to be done. Remember the build up of people’s power that has toppled a dictator. Mass actions that ousted another president for plunder. “It is time to say enough is enough. Speak out and say no. It has to come together where all people must rise and say no to tyranny.”

Saan tu manen ti martial law! #nordis.net

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