From Under This Hat: An Angel appeared


Last Sunday, a little Angel appeared, looked around and it was good. She respectfully tilted her head, a content smile then She went on with Life.

Overwhelming. She carried hope and renewed dreams for her aging grandma. While she was in her mother’s womb, her grandma dreamt of being there to help her grow tall and strong, share her lessons, insights from Earth’s unfathomable knowledge so she can take the tiger by the tail, so to speak, and still be gentle as Shamiya’s kitten.

Oh, to tell her stories of hills and mountains of pine trees in her city, of the running rivers of clean bright waters, of the small clear lakes where to fish for turltes crabs frogs and tadpoles. The djojo, kiwet and paideng, the carp and gurgurami, of fern trees and alam-am, and why almost all of these are gone now.

Grandma dreamt of sharing lessons, the great tales and legends in the peoples’ lost and victorious battles to defend their traditional way of life, in the defense of ancestral domains, material resources, of sacred values in the people’s ever progressing cultures, the survival of our generations. The legendary warriors and courageous women in your ancestry from the Tokugawa to Karias’ battle of Tonglo, Mateo’s court battle, Teruji the builder, Uscad the soldier, of Biskey, Sepa, Ferry and many more… but then you already know all of them by now, let them tell you and join them watch over us down here.

Thank you little one for the short visit, you have humbled us many times more by reminding us how beautiful and fragile Life is no matter how brief and why it is so important to make the choice to nurture and be dedicated to Life. Let us grieve, let us heal. Let us be strong, let us serve Life. #


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