Editorial: Judy T did great


Everbody is talking about Judy T. who left a very large empty shoe at the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary’s position that none of this admistration will ever be able to fill. No matter how many information officers, press releases and propaganda stints the bureaucracy pulls to prettify whoever takes the position, unlike Judy T. who was accepted by people, the next DSWD appointee is already suspect of being quite corrupt.

In the news’ live coverages of the Committee on Appointments (CA) hearing her appointment as the “President’s choice” for DSWD Secretary, she was described as a retired teacher, a professor by vocation, intelligent, hardworking, compassionate… but a Leftist by calling. No matter what the members of the CA said, especially by those pretending to be fair to the economically deprived greater Filipino population, they have only further reiterated that the House of Representatives and the Senate is (underscored) “the territory of the social class of big landlords, top bureaucrat capitalists, neo-colonialist puppets” with their militarist brass, and yes, with their slaves of men and women in formal outfits. They were afraid of the shining integrity, honesty and diligence in the enshrouding aura of this Leftist nominee. As a favor to the popular president elect, they covered up that the Left meant was “Serve the people”.

Do the people need to be reminded of who their class enemies are as incessantly as they need to win friends from the privileged class to Serve the People, for human rights, for an equitable share of the benefits from their labor, from their ancestral domains, from their common resources? Of course! Let the Filipino masses rejoice they have won another step forward to their emancipation, may they continue to support and keep their allies safe in their hearts and minds.

Judy T. is back with the people who love her, who do not doubt her service and dedication to the masa. She was and is always welcome. # nordis.net


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