During this troubling times, law students remind fellow youth to work for justice


BAGUIO CITY — “In times when the rule of law gets lambasted by no less than the agents of government themselves at the expense of innocent people’s lives, Law Students are called upon to face the challenge to put their learning into practice by spreading their knowledge to empower the people.

Law students should not cower and just subject themselves as mere spectators to the atrocities being done in front of their faces, more so that these atrocities are coupled with false propaganda misleading the people off the true spirit of the law,” urged the group of concerned students of the University of Baguio College of Law.

In a candle light vigil on the evening of August 23, 2017 in front of their school they petitioned for justice for Kian and other victims of summary killings and abuses by from state authorities.

The concerned law students stressed that law students, with their knowledge of the law, are not naïve to the claims of our state security forces that every operation under the war against drugs campaign, which scored thousands of deaths during the 1st year of their commander-in-chief, were all in consonance with law. The group added that the declaration that the war against drugs was a huge success is a blatant insult to every Law Student’s intellect.

“In the recent case of Kian Loyd delos Santos, which our state security forces gullibly claim to be an isolated occurrence, is a clear manifestation on how defensive our state securities forces are about their wrong doings. They even went the extra mile to justify their wrongs by spreading information linking Kian to be a drug peddler for his father, hoping to mislead the people of the real issues. But for the Law Students and the ever discerning public know too well that being linked as a drug peddler and an addict doesn’t warrant anyone, including our state security enforcers, to employ summary execution,” said the group.

According to the law students, summary execution unlike any other crime is a crime against humanity wherein state security forces, the protectors of the people and the enforcers of law, are the offenders. They stressed that never should a Law Student tolerate the cycle wherein, those who took their oaths to protect the people are the ones we need protection from. They added that it is very clear and no amount brainwashing can mislead the critically mined students of law. They said the war being waged by our President is not against drugs, but rather against the poor Filipino populace.

“The script was written and we have construed its pattern. It is only unfortunate, that it has to take thousands of lives for it to be realized,” stated the group. The group said that they may be islands away from the South where the Martial Law was imposed, but its chilling effects as to the curtailment of the due process of law extend in the communities of the North in the guise of the President’s drug war.

The students stated that more than just Law Students, they should stand as Agents of Law in the Administration of Justice from the moment they set foot inside law school, and as agents, should bear the duties which everyone must abide. They vowed they will never be silent so long as these crimes against humanity perpetrated by the state security forces and the culture of impunity with the blessing from their commander-and-chief prevail.

“We, the Concerned Law Students of Baguio will light candles with the hopes that it will spread light during these dark times when impunity seems to cloud the very matter we sought so hard to learn and protect,” the group ended. # nordis.net


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