Benguet farms can be affected by bird flu


LA TRINIDAD, Benguet — Benguet Governor Crescencio Pacalso said that the bird flu infection in Pampanga has slightly affected the Benguet farmers because it is the main source of the supply of chicken dung which vegetable farmers here need as organic fertilizer for their vegetable gardens.

Pacalso admitted that before the outbreak was announced, traders did get chicken dung from the areas affected by the bird flu but not as much as what they get from other sources. He hopes that the quarantine will prevent the avian flu from spreading and breaking out further, especially here in the province.

He said the provincial government is on urgent alert to arrest the possible spread of the disease in the province. Although, he said there are but a few quarantine officers, they are now hiring added personnel on job order basis to ensure stricter monitor of the possible entry of infected poultry supplies.

“I hope the problem will not adversely affect the vegetable industry of the province very much,” he said. There are many other uninfected sources of chicken dung even in the province itself. He said that chicken dung is a popular, economical and effective natural fertilizer especially for vegetable gardens.

The governor appealed to the farmers and dung traders/transporters to adapt and work out to cooperate with the government to prevent the avian flu problem from entry or from infecting the province. “Saan tayo kuman nga agal-ala ti lugit kadagiti lugar a naquarantine,” (Let us not get anymore chicken dung from the areas that are infected or under quarantine) Pacalso advised the farmers and dung traders in the province. #


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