Editorial: E-Bingo is gambling


Again, the moral fiber of Baguio City is tested in the halls of its August body, and this time it again almost failed. It is said that private individuals in the business of this gambling game raise a lobby budget to grease needy politicians palms to make an endorsement to allow for this and several other forms of illegal numbers game move up its business in the City. This is an old open secret hushed up by the demand of the employment it allows our poverty stricken population which is a majority; and by the simple lure of money and greed.

For half a century or more, the population of Baguio led by its prominent citizens and popular personalities have put up a good fight against gambling. It took martial law to get the Casino into the old Pines Hotel and Hyatt Terraces Hotel against the protest registered by the local Church (both Catholic and Protestant) in those vindicatory years of the dictatorship.

Gambling forms have been syndicated or even incorporated into legal businesses nowadays without sympathy or care for what it may do to the generations of people. Like the diseases diabetes can trigger in the human being, giving quarters to illegal gambling at any degree is laying the ground for the speedier degeneration of society, of a community or even of families. The religious could well describe it as a wolf in sheep’s clothing or the devil’s temptations.

In the passed decade, that generation of alert even noisy citizens and church personalities against gambling in the city have passed and moved on, there are those who have taken up the slack in the protest and watchfulness against the entry of this far reaching immorality. It would be a concrete boost to educating and mobilizing the people’s numbers against gambling to have our church leaders beside us in this common strife.

The domination of foreign imperialist capital over the Philippine economy continues to impoverish most of the population so that many seek employment elsewhere, or anywhere and many had to stoop as low as accepting employment in the criminal industries like gambling, poaching, smuggling, white slavery and even the illegal drug trade. For spiritual, moral, or even materiel needs most Filipinos take refuge in their Churches and Mosques. This calls for more urgent attention from our Church and Spiritual leaders as they give venue and guidance for the people to vent their protest against immoral actions in government. It is also important to understand the alternatives available to a state that is built on exploitative and oppressive structures that pertpetuate the economic deprivation of a whole country. The Church and people are an important part of bringing about the Change for us and our country. # nordis.net


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