Progressives in Baguio say people should remember lessons of Martial Law


BAGUIO CITY — Geraldine Cacho of the Tongtongan ti Umili (TTU) Metro-Baguio said that the people should not forget the lessons from the martial law years under rule of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos during a prayer rally last June 12.

JUST PEACE, NOT TERRORISM. Lead by the Cordillera Peoples’s Alliance, a gathering to pray and call for peace was conducted at the Malcolm Peoples’ Park in commemoration of the country’s day of independence, June 12, 2017. Photo by Olga Lauzon

“I was still young then but I have seen how hundreds of elders, women and children walked many kilometres away from their villages to flee from the horros of war and the cruelty of martial law,” Cacho said. She added that many came to Baguio City for refuge.

Cacho said that during the dark years of ML, many were illegally arrested and detained, extajudicially killed and enforcedly disappeared.

“But these human rights violations continued even after Marcos was driven out of Malacañang,” she said.

Cacho also challenged the police who were around during the prayer rally to stand against what is right. “Our brothers in the police force your colleagues are being fed to the terrorists in Mindanao, we challenge you to stand against martial law and let all of us work together for genuine peace,” she told the police.

In a program at the People’s Park on June 12 coinciding with the nation’s observance of the Independence Day, members of progressive organizations held a prayer rally on the ongoing crisis in MIndanao particularly the war between the government soldiers and the Maute group. They also showed their solidarity with the people who were displaced by the war. They condemned US intervention saying it only shows that the country is not really that independent.

Cordillera People’s Alliance (CPA) Chairman Windel Bolinget said that the declaration of martial law in Mindanao should be the concern of the entire nation. He said that the Filipinos cannot just keep silent on the matter while the rest of the Filipinos in Mindanao are suffering from human rights abuses and suppression. He said the innocent civilians will never benefit from the martial law but the war mongers do.

Bolinget said that the people should not allow martial law to crawl back all over the country and that the Maute group is but the creation of the US to justify the war. #


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