As The Bamboos Sway: Wonder Woman failed to end all wars


I love Gal Gadot as Princess Diana a.k.a Diana Prince a.k.a Wonder Woman. I love her to the bones for her charm and her heroic depiction of a super hero surpassing her male counterparts in the display of her prowess as well as in her block buster box office hit. She is indeed a winner.

As the story goes “As a child, Diana (played by Lilly Aspell) grew up on the island of Themyscira alongside the mighty Amazons, an all-female warrior clan. She watches the warriors training on the field under General Antiope (Robin Wright). Diana wants to be a fighter like the rest of the Amazons, but her mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) forbids her daughter from training.

“Hippolyta takes Diana and tells her the story about the gods. Zeus ruled over the heavens and looked upon mankind with high regards, but Ares, the god of war, sought to corrupt mankind and lead them to tear each other apart in battle. The other gods fought back against Ares, but he killed all of them. With his dying breaths, Zeus cast Ares down into the world of man and then forged a weapon that can destroy Ares once and for all. He also gave the Amazons their home on Themyscira to hide them from the rest of the world. Hippolyta shows Diana the powerful sword known as the God Killer. With it, Ares can be killed, but Hippolyta hopes there will not come a time for Diana or anyone else to wield it.”

The time for her to battle Ares was set when Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), a British pilot, breaks into the barrier that enters the amazons’ domain.  Learning about the World War I raging in Trevor’s world, Diana thought that that war was instigated by Ares. She then leads Trevor to his real world so she could face Ares and end the war, so she could end all the wars.

However, she failed miserably in her ultimate reason of why she left Themyscira, the land of amazons – that, despite killing Ares, the God of War, she was not able to end all wars. The very reason for her being born, the very reason her existence is to kill Ares and, supposedly, end all wars. The movie, set in the front lines of World War II, shows the Germans and the British stopped fighting after Wonder Woman killed Ares. We know, however, that World War II followed decades later. We also know that the Vietnam War soon ensued. Currently, the wars in the middle east are still raging and there seems to be no let up on wars being waged in different parts of the world.

Where Wonder Woman, however, failed, it appears that the ending of all wars is really reserved for the Marxists who claim, utopian or not, that they banner the ideology that will finally wipe out exploitation of the oppressed as expressed in their Internationale song. Refrain of the song goes: “So comrades, come rally and the last fight let us face. The Internationale unites the human race.” In his Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx claims that the exploitation of the majority of mankind has reach its highest stage – that of exploitation of the workers by the capitalists. He says that there is no more higher exploitative relationship – from by masters on slaves and by feudal lords on peasants – apart from by capitalists on workers. He claims that the working-class ideology or the proletarian ideology will end the Ares ideology of instigating war against all mankind.

The movie does exhibit the spirit of individuals to sacrifice needed to pursue struggles against exploiters. The rug tag group organized by Trevor to upset the plan of the Germans through Maru and Ludendorf to gas and kill everyone in London by dropping a nerve bomb over the City. “Steve and his team get past the Germans. They consider shooting the plane down, but the explosion would kill anyone within 50 yards… Steve hijacks the bomber plane and flies it away. As he gets high enough, Steve aims his gun at the bombs. He takes a moment to consider what he’s doing, but he knows what he has to do. He shoots the bombs, sacrificing himself as the plane blows up.”

To reiterate, however, Wonder Woman fails to end all wars. At the ending of the movie, she just leaps to fly up the air saying that she will continue to fight injustice as Wonder Woman. One might wonder what injustice that might be considering, as already stated, several wars followed World War I and continuing.

Meanwhile in the real world, communists pursue protracted wars in several countries believing that they can be victorious by surrounding their local government enemies from the country sides; and by doing so, they are actually surrounding their common oppressors, their so called imperialist enemies, from the world’s country sides.

As for Wonder Woman, the fantasy, a sequel apparently is in the works to involve the most noted original who depicted Wonder Woman, Linda Carter, at least, in a cameo role. As for the communists, their claim to the final struggle involves a sector of all the oppressed, the true Wonder Women. #


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