Letters: Open letter to Coun. Edgar Avila


22 May 2017

May I register my questions about the Suntrust construction along Gibraltar Road and my strong opposition to the “urban development” that it represents unfortunately.

I have assiduously sent my views about this construction since June 29, 2015. Please see the trail of my messaging which were not answered by the Office of the Mayor and perfunctorily responded to by Suntrust but in an evasive way.

My e-mails to Suntrust (I cc’d the Mayor) in June 2015 asked why units up to 8th fl were being sold when the allowed building height was only 6 floors then. News indicate that the construction is for 20 floors now. Sol Go (wife of Cog. Go and seller of the lot to Suntrust owner), said in our telephone conversation in July 2015 (almost 2 years ago) that she does not know building plans and is just one of unit owners. That the approved CLUP 2017 now allows up to 8 floors already is an unacceptable trend that clearly shows how legislations “revised” for development are now even outrun by investors.

What’s needed now is to STOP, BAR the illegal construction, question the land status, question the water/waste/deforestation/traffic that must be the burden of the developer, not the City residents. The City LGU must protect decent living standards.

Respectfully. #

* Rowena R. Boquiren, Ph.D. Professor of UP Baguio, is a resident of Lower Kitma, Baguio City.nordis.net


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