Five killed in Kalinga shootout


BAGUIO CITY — A murder suspect and four police officers were killed while three others were wounded in Lubuagan, Kalinga on February 21.

Willy Sagasag, the murder suspect was killed in the firefight between his men and police operatives at Barangay Canao in Lubuagan.

PO3 Cruzaldo Lawagan, PO2 Jovenal Aguinaldo, PO1 Charles Ryan Compas and PO1 Vincent Paul Tay-od were also killed while Senior Insp. Edward Liclic, PO1 Ferdinand Asuncion and PO1 Ferdie Liwag were wounded and were treated at Lubuagan District Hospital.

The police officers were serving a warrant for Sagasag and seven other men when the gunfight errupted. The warrant was issued by Judge Milnar Lammawin of the Regional Trial Court Branch 25 in Tabuk City.

According to Police Regional Office Cordillera, Sagasag had a P600,000 price on his head for multiple murder, frustrated murder and robbery cases in Kalinga and in the Cagayan provinces.

Sagasag’s men escaped, according to the Cordillera police.

Earlier in February 13, 2014, Sagasag escaped arrest after engaging police officers in a gunfight. He was being arrested for crimes committed in Tinglayan, Kalinga at that time.

In 1998, Sagasag was convicted and arrested for the killing of then Barangay Captain Eduardo Wandaga and Magdalena Dacay during a wedding party in Tabuk City. But he was able to escape from prison.

Sagasag was arrested again in 2001 and was detained at the Kalinga police office. But his gang members helped him escape while he was being transferred to a detention facility in Tuguegarao City in Cagayan. Two jail guards and a student were shot and killed during the escape.

Sagasag was arrested again in July 2002 but was able to escape after his men fired at a jeepney where he and a group of police officers were riding. Three people were killed and a policeman was wounded in the said attack. #


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