Despite AFP violations, NPA-Ifugao commits to truce


BAGUIO CITY — Amidst various violations committed by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) against the ceasefire, the New People’s Army (NPA) in Ifugao expressed support to the ongoing peace negotiations between the government of the Philippines (GPH) and revolutionary forces headed by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).

In a statement, the Nona Del Rosario Command (NDRC) committed to the indefinite ceasefire, deeming the peace talks as a “new chapter in the struggle for just and lusting peace”, despite the counter-revolutionary campaign of the AFP aiming to “deceive the Filipino people”.

“Even in early August when President Rodrigo Duterte first enforced a ceasefire order, the AFP 54th Infantry Battalion (IB) has not stopped its military operations in Ifugao as it follows the mandate of imperialist US and violates its own Commander-in-Chief,” said NDRC spokesperson Ka Wigan Moncontad.

Moncontad points to the ongoing month-long search and destroy operations in which the IB placates nine to ten municipalities in Asipulo and Tinoc, as well as in Ambaguio, Nueva Vizcaya.

“These violations imply that the red warriors of NPA-Ifugao have to be vanguards against the deception tactics of the fascist AFP, which it has long used against the revolutionary mass movement,” added Moncontad.

Referring to the offensive military operations of the AFP which the latter disguises as “bayanihan” operations, he pointed out the deceit of the AFP and the 54th IB in forcing farmers to come out as NPA surrenderees and in filing trumped-up, criminal charges against civilians.

Furthermore, Moncontad added the delusory “safe conduct pass” offered by the 54th IB for it to be able to “cure” injured members of the NDRC.

He also claimed the misleading statements made by the AFP in the area whenever its forces are overwhelmed by the NDRC, such as an ambush in Lamut in 2010 where the 86th IB claimed to be merely building houses for typhoon Juan victims. Barangay officials themselves claimed that every soldier was not holding even one hammer or nail.

Even the police’s Regional Mobile Group, Moncontad added, claimed to be merely checking posters of electoral candidates when it was beaten in 2013 after entering a guerrila zone.

Alongside strengthening its forces to safeguard the people against fascist attacks, the NDRC committed to the indefinite ceasefire for the sake of peace.

“Unlike the 54th IB and other units of the AFP, every unit of NPA holds true to its correct chain of command especially to the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines,” Moncontad said.

Moncontad urged the GPH to forge unities in drafting the implementing rules and regulations of the ceasefire to manifest the revolutionary movement’s rightful calls and struggle for peace.

Addressing AFP, he said that the CPP-NPA stands by armed struggle as the primary means of struggle for just and lasting peace. #


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