Statements: Stand up against contractualization


This is in reference to the article written about the Alliance of Contractual Employees in UP (ACE UP) Baguio Chapter published in Northern Dispatch Weekly last Sunday, 26 June 2016 entitled, “ACE-UP Baguio Says No to Contractualization”. This is to clarify certain concerns about the article.

ACE UP is an organization that aims to advance the rights and welfare of contractual employees in UP. We are against all forms of contractualization both in the public and private sectors.

ACE UP is not necessarily against the UP Baguio administration but is firmly against contractualization and the policies that reinforce it. Jasmine C. Joven, President of ACE UP Baguio Chapter, a contractual employee herself, speaks in behalf of the contractual employees in UP.

Contractualization is the practice of employing workers on a contractual basis, without security of tenure, economic benefits, and right to join unions. It comes in different forms and in the case of the public sector they call these employees as job orders (JOs), Contract of Service employees, agency-hired employees, and Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) employees, among others.

It is true that there is an increasing number of contractual employees in UP Baguio. The current number of JO employees to date is 29. But JO employees are only part of the population of contractuals in the University since there are also those considered as UP contractuals, agency-hired employees, and research/project-based employees. Job order personnel are considered as non-UP contractuals while research/project-based employees are considered as non-UP project personnel.

As non-UP contractual employees, we do not have employer-employee relationship with the University even though we perform the functions and responsibilities of a regular staff in UP offices. We are also not recognized as government workers even though our work is essential to the function of such offices. These are declared so that there is no need to honor guarantees for laborers enshrined in the 1987 Constitution.

We would like to reiterate that we do receive wages but these are usually delayed since we are paid like external “suppliers” of services. Also, non-UP contractual employees are compensated in accordance with the daily minimum wage rate order instead of the Salary Standardization Law.

UP contractuals are those with an employer-employee relationship with the University and receive benefits as that of regular employees. But there is no security of tenure. Agency-hired employees are those who are working in UP but are hired through outside agencies/providers, i.e. security and maintenance personnel.

Currently, ACE UP-Baguio Chapter has 17 members. Majority of the members are job order personnel and we encourage our fellow contractual employees – UP contractuals, non-UP project personnel and agency-hired employees – to be a member of ACE-UP. Together, we can stand united against contractualization and fight for our rights and welfare and for the common good of all workers both in public and private sectors.

Our campaigns at present include: provision of a monthly salary rate and extending the benefits to non-UP contractual employees as provided by the Collective Negotiations Agreement (CNA) between the All UP Workers Union (AUPWU) and All UP Academic Employees Union (AUPAEU) and the UP administration.

We hope that this clarifies the mention in the said article that “ACE UP enjoins everyone to join the fight against contractualization.” #


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