Patients fear high fees at new dialysis center


BAGUIO CITY — Fr. Richard Justo of Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center Dialysis Patients and Partners Association Inc. (BGHMC-DPPAI) fear that the they will have to pay higher fees especially for every session in the new dialysis center of the said hospital.

Justo who is himself a dialysis patient said before the members of the Baguio City Council during their regular session on Monday that the patients have no idea how much will they pay for their treatment under the new dialysis center operated by a new company. He said that there are also conceptions and suspicions that the bidding process which happened last year was just staged to get rid of the old company in charge of the dialysis center.

He said that the patients are the most affected because of the process which they have seen for the delay of the services.

He complained that not all the dialysis machines are being used and sometimes are not available. He said that the patients and their family also suffering much from the lack of supply of the needed epotein and other medicines at the BGHMC pharmacy.

BGHMC medical center chief Emmanuel Acluba said that there maybe adjustments to the rate of the payment of dialysis treatments per session but they are working on how it will be covered by Philhealth. Justo on the other hand expressed fear that once it will be under the Philhealth, then doctors in charge of the treatment will ask for professional fees. Acluba however said that the professional fees will be included in the package of the Phil health. “Wala hong professional fee sa dialysis section,” he said. He added that it should have to be booked into the Philhealth package.

In their general assembly earlier, the dialysis patients stated through a unified statement their demand that the new bloodline sets should be used by the patient every treatment and there should be no reusing of it if possible. Bloodline sets are used during the process of removing waste products and excess fluid from the body. The patients also stated that the payment for the use of dialyzers or the artificial kidneys should be included to the cost price of the dialysis per session.

They are also requesting that the use of oxygen during treatment sessions will be free.

As for the dialysis machines, Acluba said that BGHMC needs to expand and construct more buildings. He said so that there will be more adequate and spacious area for the dialysis treatment center. He however said that BGHMC is only occupying 2.5 hectares and the present hospital buildings are host to more than 500 to 1000 patients a day. He said that they have a development plan but they cannot implement it because some of the hospital lots are occupied by illegal settlers. #


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