500 days more of BS Aquino’s presidency is too long a wait


MANILA — According to Piya Macliing Malayao, spokesperson of indigenous peoples organization Kalipunan ng mga Katutubong Mamamayan ng Pilipinas (KAMP), indigenous peoples will call for President Benigno S. Aquino’s (PNoy)resignation saying that his “dangerous incompetency” will result into more disastrous plans and decision-making in the last year-and-a-half of the President Aquino’s term.

“Five hundred days is too long for Filipinos to just wait it out until his term ends in 2016. PNoy is not the president that the Filipino people wanted, and he is not the president the Filipino people deserve,” Malayao said. “We are calling for his resignation, or else his ouster, not just for his clear responsibility in the calamitous Mamasapano operations, but for his many sins to the Filipino people in his years as the president. His being unfit as a Commander-in-Chief and as a failed broker for peace negotiation is but the scum atop the mire of his leadership,” she added.

Malayao cited the Aquino administration’s centerpiece economic scheme, the Public Private Partnership program which worsened marginalization of the poor, including the indigenous peoples. “The PPP ingrained the privatization of social services, making these even more inaccessible to the poor and marginalized. For indigenous peoples in particular, the PPP sold out our lands to private businesses such as eco-tourism projects, economic zones and energy projects,” she added.

Aquino is also liable for the plunder of mineral resources, Malayao added. “Executive Order 79 propped up the Mining Act of 1995, that is causing the most turmoil in indigenous peoples communities nationwide,” Malayao said.

The human rights situation of indigenous peoples has also worsened under the administration’s counter-insurgency program Oplan Bayanihan, Malayao claimed. “There had been 50 extrajudicial killings of indigenous peoples since 2010. This includes 6 indigenous women and 6 indigenous children. There is no letup in human rights violations as BS Aquino revels in impunity,” Malayao said.

“BS Aquino is embogged in issues of massive corruption and betraying the people’s trust in the DAP and PDAF corruption scandals, he does not recognize and respect the indigenous peoples rights to their land and self-determination, and he turns a blind eye to the killings of indigenous peoples and the grave human rights violations committed against them by agents of the State. We have every reason to call for his removal in Malacanang,” Malayao said.

Epic failures

His continued presidency is dangerous for the country, Malayao claimed, citing the “epic failures” of President Aquino’s term. “His incompetence and arrogant leadership, especially his failed militarist maneuverings, has cost lives and security of many. Five hundred more days in Malacanang would only allow him to cause even more calamity,” she said.

The group recounted the Manila hostage crisis in August 2010 which cost the lives of 8 and injured several more. Described as a “bungled” and “incompetent” by crisis experts, the Hong Kong government issued a “black” travel alert as response to the event.

Another showcase of Aquino’s incompetence and inaptness as president, said Malayao, is during the 2013 Lahad Datu, Malaysia standoff that started in February 11, 2013 and the Zamboanga crisis in September 2013. In the Zamboanga crisis, at least 195 people were killed including 12 civilians, and 195 more were injured, including 49 civilians according to the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

“As we commemorate the EDSA Revolution this month, we are reminded that we deserve no less than a truthful, accountable government. We must rid the country of an arrogant, incompetent, and a US stooge of a president. We enjoin the Filipino people to call for BS Aquino’s removal as president,” Malayao said. # nordis.net


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