Aussie interested in Melvin Jones parking


BAGUIO CITY — Baguio City Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan during his weekly “Ugnayang Panglunsod” disclosed that the Australian investor interested in the development of an off-street parking facility at the Melvin Jones Football Grounds asked for commitments from the City Government once the ongoing feasibility study for such will have positive outcome, July 3.

According to Domogan the Australian investors asked that once the planned parking facility plans turn feasible, they should be declared as the proponent of the project. He added that the investors were the ones who funded the feasibility study.

The proposal of the Australian developer is to build a 2,000 vehicle parking structure consisting of an underground parking space and two-storey edifices on both sides of the field.

Domogan stressed that the Melvin Jones will still remain as a football ground and only one floor will be constructed. He added that the floor will be a little bit lower than the Harrison Road. He added that on each side of the football grounds are two-storey buildings.

A group of environmentalists immediately opposed the said proposal and launched an online petition and was able to gather around 2000 signatures. The petitioners said that the football ground should not be built on for it is one of the only few remaining facilities still being enjoyed by the common people who are not rich to afford places for hire.

The petitioners added that the project will destroy the aquifer beneath the football grounds.

Domogan said that the decision however still lay on the hands of the city council, that is why he is requesting the city council to give him the authority to represent the city in the signing of the agreement between the city government and the investors.

The mayor appealed to the petitioners against the proposed parking facility development to sit with him together with the investors to discuss the project. #


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