Sto. Tomas city lot identified for ESL


BAGUIO CITY — Baguio City Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan during his weekly “Ugnayan” at his office in the Baguio City Hall announced that a 50 hectare area of land in Sto. Tomas which is a part of the land originally declared by the Baguio City Government as city need is already identified for an Engineered Sanitary Landfill (ESL).

He said that the area is within the territorial jurisdiction of the city. He also said that part of the land is the lot donated by the de Guia family which was bought from the Sioco Cariño estate. Domogan said they explained this to the people living near the identified lot during a public hearing last week. He said the City Government will welcome the issues and concerns and the proposals of the residents nearby provided they will be doable and by all means will be addressed.

Domogan said that the proposed ESL is around two kilometers and a half from Sto. Tomas Apugan area. He said that there is a house just below the site and they are negotiating with the owner. He disclosed that basing from their talks, he is hopeful that the issue will be addressed positively.

In preparation of the site, Domogan said that there will be a road widening and other improvement. He said that they are already processing its Environmental Compliance Certificates (ECC) and other requirements.

The mayor said that the city government will develop the area for its Integrated Solid Waste Disposal System (ISWDS).

Domogan said he ordered the fencing of the area to prevent encroachment by informal settlers. He disclosed that they are planning to use around two hectares as an immediate ESL for the meantime so that the city will stop bringing its non-recyclable and non-biodegradable garbage to Urdaneta City, Pangasinan to save money.

Domogan also announced that on July, they are targeting to send a technical team to the United States to see and study the operations of a waste-to-energy plant there. He said he suggests that the team should also visit the digester of a waste-to-energy machine at Ireland and study if it will really be feasible here in Baguio. He said if the reports are good and then the city government will continue to talk and forge a memorandum of agreement with the government of Ireland.

On February this year, Kosmos Energy founder de Lippe from Ireland attended a city council session and talked about the conduct of a feasibility study for putting up a trash to power energy here in the city. The talks did not prosper as necessary processes and further studies are still being sought by the city government.

Meanwhile, Domogan said that he cannot yet comment on the proposed ESL at Sablan, Benguet as public hearings are still to be completed and resolved.


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