Editorial: Pork in the barrel


The popular demand to abolish the Pork barrel system or the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) must be sustained even after the President of the Philippines has made pronouncements to abolish it at the legislative branch right before the August 26 nationally coordinated protest against the pork barrel.

The pork for senators and congressmen, is some Php 25 billion. The presidential pork ranges from Php 1.3 trillion to 1.5 trillion. This is some 70 per cent of the total national budget of Php 2.26 trillion for 2014.

Abolishing the pork barrel or the PDAF and appropriating increased budget allocations for education and health services, affordable housing services, genuine land reform, sustainable agriculture, food security; and national industrialization is what the “tuwid na daan” was expected to have started and develop towards supporting the greater number of the Philippine population. Like it’s slip is showing, the Pnoy regime on its fourth year is grossly failing to deliver, and it is embarrasing. Especially, for those in the grassroots who supported his candidacy and even campaigned for him, and are now sounding like the presidential apologists. It is not even their fault that “their” president is corrupt. The only way now that people can help rid off the government of corruption is to be vocal against it and join organized protest mobilizations against it. It is more likely the President would heed the popular protest. # nordis.net


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