Samaritans respond to patients’ plea


BAGUIO CITY—Whoever these Samaritans are, kidney patients Sabino Adian and John Mark Tiyad would not forget them for the additional lease on life that these strangers extended to them.

So will public school teacher Magdalena Osias of Fort del Pilar Elementary School long remember that establishment along Session Road and the children and teachers of Spring Hills Elementary School at neighboring Loakan Apugan.

That establishment – a restaurant managed by a family of quiet Samaritans – handed Osias P2,000, while Spring Hills pooled P700 to help solidify her battle against breast cancer.

Osias, 46, a retired soldier’s wife and mother of four, was diagnosed last January and had undergone three of six chemo sessions costing P20,000 per round.

Adian, 42, won’t be able to recognize Arabella (that’s the name the Samaritan gave) and Lolita Hafner, who handed P4,200 and P3,300, respectively, to his wife, Mary Ann.

Adian, a farmer and native of Nueva Vizcaya, can not see. Complications of diabetes destroyed his kidneys and rendered him blind. To survive, he and his wife transferred to Baguio where the dialysis machines are, where a preacher took them into his home at Pinsao.

Hafner then sent somebody to the BGHMC dialysis room to deliver an equal amount to 24-year old Tiyad, who was then undergoing treatment. A certain Lailyn, 24, also proceeded to the medical center last Tuesday morning and shed 500 cc. of blood needed by the patient.

Earlier, a kind soul who introduced himself as Allen also handed P5,000 while another anonymous donor had a messenger deliver P3,000 for Adian’s dialysis treatment.

For them to survive, patients with total kidney failure have to have at least twice-a-week dialysis treatment of four hours each, pegged at P2,200 per session. Treatment has to be for life. Many patients often skip a session, sometimes with dire consequences.

To be able to sustain treatment, patients now and then line up at the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office at the Lung Center in Quezon City, seeking guarantee letters advising the BGHMC to charge P20,000 or P17,600 worth of dialysis treatment per patient to the PCSO.

Mary Ann was with a batch of 20 patients or their relatives that trooped to the PCSO last July 22 to file their applications for support. The group was back at the Lung Center last Wednesday for their interview. They will be again travel this Monday night, in time for the issuance of their guarantee letters early Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, other Samaritans can contact Osias (09057721061) or visit her family at Block 22, Lot 8, Pinesville, Fort del Pilar, Baguio City. Those who would like to help Adian can ring his wife (09397288672). Tiyad can be reached through his sister Gloria’s number – 09297661705. #


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