DOTC impounds two taxis for fake seals


BAGUIO CITY — Right after the deadline of resealing of calibrated taxis, two units were apprehended by the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) for faking seals.

One taxi unit having a fake seal was impounded on August 12, last day of sealing the calibrated taxis and the other unit was apprehended over the weekend.

Celina Claver, DOTC regional director said those fake seals, hologram and stickers definitely came from Manila. Recently, there were rumors that there were units brought here having fake sets (sticker, seal, hologram),” she added.

One other problem of the taxi units that were impounded, she said is that they were already phased-out models thus, they cannot be calibrated. The initial result of the investigation shows that the fake calibration sets were bought for P8,000.

The difference she pointed out between a genuine seal and fake one with reference to the impounded units is that genuine has seven serial numbers while those apprehended have a only six.

The color of the stickers however is the same nationwide, she added.

Hologram that is bigger than the normal, Claver said, is also fake. “An ordinary commuter cannot distinguish the difference but the law enforcers who were involve during the resealing activities can easily pin point the difference,” she explained.

She expressed her disappointment that while they are doing their best to avoid colorum taxis by their resealing process, taxi operators do not cooperate. “Eto, meron na agad fake pagkatapos na pagkatapos ng proseso,” she said.

On the other hand, Claver said that there will be a full force law enforcement activity to monitor and watch out for colorum units, fake seals, holograms and stickers; and also if the drivers/operators are following the guidelines on the fare increase.

Moreover, thorough investigations she said will be conducted to establish where the fake sets are coming from and who calibrated those units.

Meanwhile, she said they have already sealed 2,760 calibrated taxi units.

They are still expecting 200 units to be sealed. Penalties on those resealing late will be fined for P5,000 and additional P200 per day will be collected to the remaining taxi units.

During the last week of resealing, more or less 30 units were accommodated everyday unlike its 1st week which she said reached 200 units everyday. Therefore they decided to set a deadline.

There were operators who asked for extension however, she said they did not they did not heed. #


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