Couple renews vows at zipline


PUGO, La Union — A  couple  of  nine years made mark by renewing their vows in a more adventurous way.

ADVENTUROUS. Couples Joel Caronongan and Girlie Mendoza- Caronongan together took a 250 meter long ride along the 60 feet high zip line of Pugo Adventure to seal their wedding last week. Photo courtesy of Redjie Melvic Cawis/PIA
In a  rainy Monday afternoon, on May 30,  couple Joel Caronongan and Girlie Mendoza- Caronongan together took a 250 meter ride along the 60 feet high zip line of Pugo Adventure also known as Pugad, while their sponsors, family, friends and guests are at the other side for their reception.

The zip line ride in Palina, Pugo, La Union came after their renewal of vows  at the Basilica of Our Lady of Charity in Agoo, La Union.

Having tried  several rides in Pugad, the couple, who live in Baguio City,  decided  to have an  adventurous way of celebrating their ninth year anniversary  by zip lining their way to their  reception  while  their  guests and sponsors in their gowns and barongs  have to  cross a hanging bridge. 

Pugad Operations Manager Kathleen Martin  said she was  surprised  and at the same time excited when the couple approached her and said that they wanted to zip line to their reception. Since Pugad started operation in September last year, the Caronongan couple was the first to broach the idea of an adventure wedding therein.

The couple actually wanted to  have an  all terrain-vehicle drive before the zip line ride  but the afternoon rains made the track muddy.

Joel and Girlie describe  their zip line ride  as just part of their adventurous life as couple.

Pugad is known for its three  zip lines, said  to be  longest in Luzon –  a 400 meter long and 250 feet high zip ride that can make your childhood dream of becoming superman or trying to fly like a bird come true. The other lines include a 250 meter long and 160 feet high and a 250 meter long 60 feet high.

One could enjoy the zip rides above verdant rice fields, trees, pools and a clean river that flows right at the heart of sitio Kagaling.

The mountain resort also offers five swimming pools and shower rooms for children and adults alike and a cool flowing river  where guests could enjoy the fresh waters of Pugo.

Guests could also try ATVs and buggy rides for them to tour the premises of resort  which is nestled in a three-hectare land.

Other facilities include various nipa huts, cottages, picnic grounds, function halls, souvenir shops and a restaurant.

Pugad also caters to team-building and to group activities for companies and other groups.

Pugad is located at sitio Kagaling in Palina. It is 300 meters from the Marcos Highway approximately a 30-minute drive from Baguio City or more than an hour-drive from San Fernando City, La Union. Coming from Manila, the place can be reached in four hours.

Martin said they are now planning on having adventure wedding packages to boost the resort not just as a place for extreme sports and eco-adventures but also an alternative wedding  venue for adventurous  couples. #


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