Baguio is second highest abortion incidents nationwide

BAGUIO CITY (Apr. 25) — This summer capital city recorded the second highest rate of abortion in the country as prostitution involving college students here has increased, an institution for youth revealed recently.

Flory Joy Nabusan, community relations officer of the Baguio Center for Young Adults (BCYA), appeared alarmed with the result of the BCYA research as she urged the government to include in its family planning program information dissemination on the ill-effects of abortion and prostitution among students.

She said the research was done in several areas in the city – including Burnham Park and Session Road – where BCYA determined the extent of prostitution involving students. This kind of commercial sex involving students is also known as prosti-tuition as those involved use it for settling their tuition and other school fees, Nabusan added.

She elaborated that students involved in the commercial sex usually resort to abortion, as they are not prepared to deal with the effects of unprotected sex.

Commercial sex involving students allegedly rises during the examinations period, particularly during midterm and final examinations, Nabusan explained in a press conference at the Mandarin Restaurant here today. She added that these commercial sex, although done during certain times, can cause more sexual diseases.

Former City Councilor Lulu Tabanda, who was also in the same press conference, admitted that commercial sex involving students had been going on for quite some time in the city.

Tabanda proposed that the government should address the problem by granting more scholarship grants or loans for needy students; for school institutions to encourage more working students; and to ensure employment opportunities for the graduates, among others.

Baguio is considered the educational center of the north catering to students coming not only from the Cordillera, but also nearby regions, and as far as those from Metro Manila. The city admitted that these students contribute to the economy of the city. # Arthur L. Allad-iw for NORDIS


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