The plan, growth of Baguio as a colonial city

The City Hall, by its imposing location and setting, has been a central part of Baguio’s cultural heritage even before the founding of the City in 1909. Benguet was officially declared as the first civil provincial government in the country on November 22, 1900 under Act No. 48 of the US colonial government. Its capital was set from 1901 to 1916 within present-day Baguio. The old house and land of Mateo Cariño in Kafagway, center of authority of Bagyu even earlier, was donated1 to the city for use as office of the next president, Sioco Cariño (Mateo’s son) who served as president of the Baguio township under the American colonial government.

Urban poor group asks Baguio mayor, “What does the culture of caring mean?”

BAGUIO CITY — Organisasyon dagiti Nakurapay nga Umili ti Syudad (Ornus) Secretary General Daisy Bagni said that it was nice to hear from Baguio officials especially the mayor the theme of this year’s 106th Baguio Charter Day celebrations, “nurture the culture of caring and sharing and towards competitiveness.

Labor group welcomes SSS pension increase

BAGUIO CITY — Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) Cordillera Regional Spokesperson Vicente Dilem said that many retired workers not only in the Cordillera but in the whole country will truly benefit if the P2,000 hike in Social Security System (SSS) pensions will finally be enacted into law.

Benguet farmers need new capital

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet — A Benguet farmer’s group welcomed the efforts of the government to help farmers recover from the destruction typhoon Ineng brought to their gardens but asserts that assistance must meet the immediate needs of farmers.

8 dead, 8 missing in Benguet landslide

BAGUIO CITY — Eight of the 16 pocket miners buried in a landslide in sitio Elizabeth, Barangay Taneg, Mankayan, Benguet were retrieved while eight more are still missing after nearly one week of digging.

Baguio’s slaughter house area segregation not yet possible

BAGUIO CITY — According to Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) Cordillera Regional Director Micheline Inay, they cannot evaluate and process the petition for segregation filed by the residents living near the Slaughter House compound in 2011 because the metes and bounds of the area are not and cannot be defined.

BSU aids JHMC’s battle vs beetle attack

LA TRINIDAD — Employing its research and extension functions, Benguet State University (BSU) through their small army of researchers and foresters managed to trim down the 68 beetle-infested pines trees, which were subjected for sanitation tree cutting, to marginal number of 39.

Baguio City departments plan 2016 budget

BAGUIO CITY — Mayor Mauricio Domogan advised all city departments to submit results of their deliberation on or before the deadline for the city to see that all department concerns are prioritized after the 2016 budget is approved.

Diaries From The Fields: The wonders of acupuncture

Lately, I started sit-up exercises to reduce my abdominal fat. But instead of achieving a desirable outcome, I ended up injuring my lower back. For some weeks, I cannot bend, sit for a long time, and move freely because of my back ache. I cannot even ride a jeep because I cannot bend nor sit without support. Because of this, I tried to avail the services of a mangngilot to relieve my back aches somehow, however, I cannot continue with the schedule because of my busy calendar.

The wonders of vermiculture: from the diary of Glory Taclawan

Glory Taclawan is a retired teacher and a present member of Pinget Barangay Council. She first attended a seminar on Vermiculture in 2012 organized by the City Environment & Parks Management Office (CEPMO). Not much was achieved at that time. But with the partnership of Pinget Barangay Council and Cordillera Women’s Education Action Research Center, vermiculture became a reality in the barangay. Trainings on the practice of ayyew-ubbo and vermiculture were conducted in the barangay clusters however; the response from the citizenry was slower than expected. Persistent efforts were made to get participants to the trainings that eventually gained positive results.


Poetry: Kahon

ano ba ang kahon sa panahon ngayon?
Ito’y pinagpaguran at sagrado sa atin
patunay na ang mga kamay nila
nanay, tatay, kuya, ate, at ni irog
ay nagsikap upang makapagpadala ng biyaya


Editorial: The box

A few days ago, the most popular box to Filipinos, the balikbayan box, was the focal point in the Aquino admistration’s drive to increase its revenues. The initial plan was for the Bureau of Customs (BOC) to open these balikbayan boxes, check its contents for possible under declared value of the goods and for possible additional taxes if the goods exceeded the un taxable value of P10,000. But thanks to the vigilance and unwavering protests of the our overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III (PNoy) buckled down, and ordered BOC Chief Albert Lina to refrain from opening these balikbayan boxes.


Dakami Ti Umili: Disaster preparedness is the key to survival

We are again victims and witnesses to the disasters brought about by typhoon Ineng in Northern Luzon. Roads and bridges are impassable, houses are ruined and threatened by flood and landslides, and agricultural production is submerged and destroyed. Worst, at least 17 lives perished because of the typhoon. These effects are depressing especially because lives could be saved and the loss of property can be lessened when communities are trained and equipped with disaster risk management skills.

Ilocandia Rumblings: Tobacco, the continuing monopoly and unending sufferings

Last August 13, the National Tobacco Administration (NTA) convened the Pre-tripartite Study Group for Luzon. The meeting is in preparation for the Tobacco Tripartite Consultative Conference held every two years to evaluate and negotiate the floor price of unprocessed tobacco leaves. This gathering is supposed to provide and ensure that farmers’ are able to present their views and lobby for higher if not just prices for their produce. However, the farmers’ experiences have proven that the conference is a tool to create an illusion of democracy and fairness to an industry that is historically exploitative. Despite all the changes and the economic contribution of the tobacco farmers, the hardships that they had experienced since the institution of the Tobacco Monopoly in 1781 subsisted, transformed into other forms but remained to burden the peasants. In order to illustrate vividly the historical role of state machineries (such as the NTA) in perpetuating feudal oppression, we must travel briefly back in time.


Weekly Reflections: Integral evangelization

August 23 is this year’s Mission Sunday. It is but proper and fitting at this point to reflect on the main aspect of church’s mission, which is to evangelize. The word “evangel” simply means “good news”. To evangelize is to proclaim the good news. The good news is no other than Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord. He is good news, because by living his life and teachings, we can have hope for a new life and a better world.


Youthspeak: Why the youth’s vote matters

Turning 18 years old is a much awaited time for the youth because of the new privileges and rights they can now possess. But, there is more to these rights and privileges: the challenge to continue the positive changes the youth has brought upon history. At 18 years old, the youth are encouraged to register for the elections. Electoral participation is one of the democratic rights of the people and the youth of age as stated in P.D. 1187.

Mga magsasaka sa Isabela hiniling ang paglaya ng lider

ROXAS, Isabela — Nagpiket sa harap ng Regional Trial Court (RTC) sa Roxas, Isabela ang mga magsasaka ng Isabela noong Agosto 20 upang hingin ang agarang pagpapalaya kay Vic Feliciano, isang lider magsasaka na dinampot at kinasuhan ng mga gawa-gawang kaso.


NGO, village patrnership brings water to their homes

BAGUIO CITY – “Yes! Addan naan-anay a danum para kanya mi nga umili. Masolbaren ti umanay a pagririan mi nga partuaten ti kinakurang ti danum”. (Yes! Finally there is adequate water for us community members. As well as solved whatever misunderstandings amongst us brought about by inadequacy of water supply).