No hope in present social system — Anakpawis

BAGUIO CITY — Anakpawis Cordillera Regional Coordinator Michael Cabangon said that the Filipinos cannot hope for real change in the situation even if the administration will be replaced by a new one unless the society they belong to is transformed for the better.

On the observance of November 30, the birthday of the great proletarian hero, Andres Bonifacio, Cabangon said that the struggle to resist oppression and clamor for genuine freedom did not end. He said that the extreme poverty as a result of inequality felt by the Filipinos centuries ago is still existing today and is even worsening because of the intensifying plunder of resources of the country by few ruling elite in the society and their capitalists bosses.

Cabangon said that as election nears, politicians especially those who are coming from the upper social strata are again shamelessly approaching the ordinary Filipinos particularly the poor to promise better treatment and uplifting of their lives if they will win. He said that these politicians are like messiahs when they are talking about change in their political campaigns in national or local radio stations, Television networks and newspapers.

He said that the toiling masses want to hear is when will oppression, injustice, and inequality that caused them to be hungry ever stop. He added that the people like to know how can they really help in changing this kind of society which was designed by the ruling elite.

Organisasyon dagiti Nakukurapay nga Umili ti Syudad (Ornus) Secretary General Daisy Bagni said that the number of poor people in Baguio just like in other parts of the country continuously grows bigger. She said that migration of people from the provinces of the Cordillera and other places to Baguio is still rampant because of hope that they can find a better life in the city. She said that they end up as the urban poor of this mountain city and because the land area of Baguio is too small and the price of land here is not affordable to them, they have no choice but to settle and build their homes in idle lands and be later regarded as “squatters” subjected to eviction by the government.

Bagni said that the urban poor go and sell on the streets to earn a living and here comes the goons of the City Government through the Public Order and Safety Division (POSD) chasing them like criminals. She said that it seems it is really a crime to become vendor here in the city.

Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) Cordillera spokesperson Vicente Dilem said that the Filipino workers are enslaved by a system where the capitalists’ priority is how to get bigger profit totally disregarding how on earth can their workers survive even for a day. He said that while the Filipino workers are suffering from unfair labor practices and human rights violations in the workplaces, the government is conniving with the business sectors in making pro-capitalists labor laws.

Cabangon said that the struggle of Bonifacio for a better society is still being pushed through by progressive and militant sectors until oppression will be eradicated and the people will be liberated from poverty. He said that the ruling elite will again try to lure the toiling masses in their arena and convince them that there will be a change when they are elected. He said more and more poor Filipinos will however choose to struggle for a social change through their concerted actions and not through writing names of the candidates who give blank promises for a better life. #

DOTC environmental hypocrite — Piston

BAGUIO CITY — “DOTC is an environmental hypocrite,” these were the words used by Pagkakaisa ng mga Samahan ng Tsuper at Operator Nationwide (Piston) National President George San Mateo to describe the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) on the issue of the order to phaseout the Filipino jeepney.

Piston hit transport chief’s denial of jeepney phaseout plan

BAGUIO CITY — Pagkakaisa ng mga Samahan ng mga Tsuper at Opereytors Nationwide (Piston) National President George San Mateo criticized Land and Transportation Franchise and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) Chairman Winston Ginez for denying the existence of the draft department order on the implementation of the jeepney modernization program seeking to phase-out jeepneys 15 years old and above.

Court dismisses cases against Tuao 4

TUGUEGARAO CITY – November 20,2015, Four political prisoners were ordered released through a joint resolution by the Regional Trial Court of Tuao, Cagayan for insufficient evidence to sustain a conviction against them beyond reasonable doubt.

Luzon youth gathers for envi summit

TUGUEGARAO CITY — With theme Kabataan: Kumilos para sa Kalikasan at Kinabukasan, hundreds of young people will gather in the 1st Luzon Environmental Youth Summit at Cagayan State University-Carig from November 27-30, 2015.


Baguio drivers want local body to decide on fares

BAGUIO CITY — Taxi operator Jun Panayo said that every time an issue on the raise or decrease of taxi fares comes up, the cab operators and drivers as well as passengers here in the city suffer a long waiting process for their petitions to be heard by the national office of the Land and Transportation and Franchising Board (LTFRB). And, also for the board to finish consulting with other national agencies which most of the time, make decisions which do not always suit the conditions here.

Kampanya ti tabako kontra monopolyo

QUEZON CITY — Inaprubaran ti Maikalima a Pangkabuklan nga Asembleya ti International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) ti resolusyon nga indatag ti Solidarity of Peasants Against Exploitation (STOP Exploitation) mainaig ti panakaisayangkat ti sangalubungan a kampanya laban kadagiti dadakkel a kumpanya ti tabako.

Kalinga town rallies for IDEVAW

PINUKPUK, Kalinga — “Illegal Drugs Slowly Kill Us”! End Violence against Women”! a big one voice shouted the students, women, parents and teachers of Cawagayan National High School during the march rally on the roads of Cawagayan, here on November 26, 2015.


Editorial: Ten, six, two, one.

It was 10 years ago when progressive leaders Pepe Manegdeg of the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines (RMP) and Albert Terredaño of Confederation for the Unity, Recognition and Advancement of Government Employees (Courage) were extra-judicially killed, the former was killed in San Esteban in Ilocos Sur and the latter in Bangued, Abra.


From Under This Hat: -30- she wrote

She wrote 30 last Thursday at eight in the morning, and yet we remember she promised to be with us only as long as she is able. We can but comfort ourselves that she is now among friends, relatives and her Maker raising a toast to a life well-lived. She was so preoccupied it seems by her schedules and tasks at hand and it must have escaped her consciousness that the body also gets tired and may give up.

Ilocandia Rumblings: APEC and the protest

Coinciding with the closing ceremonies of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) last November 19 was the protest action of more than 10,000 people who converged at Buendia to register their opposition to APEC and exposed the agenda of the United States to push for the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. The militant marchers from the North outlined the regions experience of state-backed foreign plunder, exploitation and fascist aggression in the past 19 years after the Philippines hosted APEC in 1996.


Statements: Injustice and repression continues as the people’s resistance flourishes

As we remember our dear Albert on his 10th year death anniversary, we condemn the Aquino regime for not being able to bring justice for his death. When he was elected in 2010, he promised to bring to justice those who were victims of the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo regime. But instead of fulfilling his promise, he went berserk against those who were critical of his anti-people policies and unleashed a brutal campaign of terror against the people. Albert was not the last government employee to perish under a state-sponsored campaign against progressive groups and personalities.


Statements: Ten years of anguish and injustice is too much, bring Pepe’s killer to justice now!

Ten years ago, Jose “Pepe” Manegdeg III, human rights activist and Coordinator of the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines in the Ilocos and Cordillera was brutally gunned down in San Esteban, Ilocos Sur. Twenty bullets were pumped into his body. He was one of the many victims that fell under Oplan Bayanihan, the bloody campaign against the people’s resistance to the corrupt, puppet and fascist Arroyo regime.


Weekly Reflections: Organizing based on the Gospel of Mark (4/8)

Now, as we continue to study and analyze the organizing work and activities of Jesus, we discover in him a very sensitive and caring person who readily responds to people in need. In a number of occasions, the genuineness of his concern for people and his creative responses to their plight stand out.


Women’s Front: IDEVAW

As the world observes the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (IDEVAW), we condemn and hold accountable Benigno Aquino III’s regime for the growing list of women victims of violence and for the intensified attack against women human rights defenders. We join their ranks in drumbeating their quest for justice which has proven too elusive under Aquino’s “matuwid na daan” despite various international and local instruments recognizing and protecting the rights of women.


Youthspeak: Real heroes do not die

All men must die. The young generation might be familiar with this line through the hit series, Game of Thrones. But there is an earlier version of this line through the ancient Chinese writer Szuma Chien, and echoed by Mao Zedong when he declared, “All men must die, but death can vary in its significance… To die for the people is weightier than Mount Tai, but to work for the fascists and die for the exploiters and oppressors is lighter than a feather.”


Video: Martsa Amianan protest against militarization at AFP HQ

In this video, Martsa Amianan, the North Luzon contingent of the Peoples Campaign Against APEC and Imperialist Globalization (PCAIG), held a protest action at Camp Aguinaldo, the headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Their main call is the end of militarization and the pull-out of military troops from their lands.

2015-11-22 justice4maguindanaomassacrevictims-F

Six years, still no justice

Six years after the infamous Maguindanao massacre, the masterminds and perpetrators remain unpunished. Today, NUJP Baguio-Benguet staged a short program condemning the PNoy administration’s failure to bring justice to the victims and also for failing to address the issue of impunity.


Mine safety a failure — KMU

BAGUIO CITY — Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) Cordillera spokesperson Vicente Dilem gave mining safety a failing grade. He said that from the time that he was miner in Lepanto until now that he works as a KMU organizer he has seen the yearly demonstrations of mine’s safety but he has yet to see it practiced by the mining companies in the mines.