Legal counsel clarifies Writ of Kalikasan’s true intent

BAGUIO CITY — “Settlers in the forest zones are the best guardians of the forest itself” posted Writ of Kalikasan legal counsel Atty. Francisca Claver in her social media account. This is to give emphasis to the true intent of the Writ of Kalikasan acquired by the petitioners. And also to ease growing concern about the plight of the most vulnerable sectors, the farmers and indigenous peoples dwelling inside the forest reserve which are now within the Writ of Kalikasan’s reach.

CEGP meets 300 campus journalists in BSU

By CEGP (PR) BAGUIO CITY – With the theme “Panagtitignay: Fortifying Unities Against Corruption and Social Injustice”, the College Editors Guild of …


Kalinga SP condemns governor for mauling secretary

BAGUIO CITY — The Sanguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Kalinga, in a resolution, condemned their provincial governor for mauling the SP secretary where they reiterated that such an act is a grave abuse of authority that must be censured by concerned government authorities.

MGB tags Samoki, Bontoc a danger zone

BAGUIO CITY — To avoid possible loss of lives in the reported instabilities at Sitio Khefa, Barangay Samoki, Bontoc Mountain Province, the Mines and Geo-sciences Bureau (MGB) expressly recommended the need for the relocation of residences as a result of their geohazard assesment of the place and to declare the defined area as a danger zone.

Mayor warns vs investing in pyramid schemes

BAGUIO CITY — Countless residents of Baguio City including some employees of the Baguio City Hall who believed that their investments will triple if they entrust it to a wellness company may now have reason to doubt that their expectations can be met. Had they known that the company they invested with with has no permit to engage into businesses other than selling herbal products.


Makan a la Pinoy: Tokwa ken baboy bulgogi-style

Agrurutap a nanam ti gasang, sam-it, alsem, apgad ken dadduma pay ti raman ti karne ti baboy a nayuper iti bulgogi marinade. Tokwa’t baboy ngem saan a simple a timpla ti barbecue daytoy, saan a kas iti kadawyan a tokwa’t baboy a natimplaan ti soy sauce wenno asin. Bulgogi sauce wenno Korean barbecue sauce ti intimplak ditoy. Magatang daytoy kadagiti Korean supermarket ngem no awan iti lugaryo ket mabalin latta met nga aramiden ti sauce wenno marinada.


Editorial: So they graduate!

May is a month for flowers. Catholic faithfuls organize processions for the Santa Cruzan in almost every part of the country. It is also a month for some provinces and municipalities in the Philippines to hold their respective fiestas or festivals. This month is also for most kids, especially students of the public schools – either elementary or high school, to prepare for the opening of classes for the following month, June.


Advocate’s Overview: Kalinga gov is a boxer, not a public servant

I am writing this piece to bring an issue to the attention of Pres. Benigno S. Noynoy Aquino, and DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, and the Liberal Party about the latest boxing bout of Kalinga Gov. Jocel Baac against one of his officials and constituent. He (gov) has not only done this once but at several occasions and it is disgraceful for the Liberal Party in the eyes of the public. In fact, some people are asking if such an act by a governor is being condoned by the party.


Dakami Ti Umili: Stop political vilification and assert political participation

In the recent weeks, there have been attempts to discredit people’s organizations and individuals by few people using fictitious names among some Ifugao internet groups. These malicious, baseless and unfounded accusations made are like remnants of the Dark Ages in 500-1500 A.D. By heavily relying on their delusions and irrational fear of the unknown, these few people try desperately to bring out their so-called version of “peace and development” by vilifying outspoken peoples organizations and advocates of human rights, indigenous peoples and environment.


From Under This Hat: “Angnen tako man nan gawis”

From the Ibaloy area called a “sepec” we have moved to the area that came to be known as the Jungle Town in the 1930’s. In today’s directories we have moved from Roman Ayson Street to #29 Valenzuela Street in Barangay Salud Mitra. As your newspaper is growing it was imperative that we move to a wider place to better serve you, our readers and our people.


Weekly Reflections: Economics of betrayal

In the Old Testament, there’s a popular story of two brothers named Esau and Jacob (cf. Gen. 25:27-34). The story shows that they had opposite personalities. Esau was a skilled hunter, a man who loved to stay out, while Jacob was a very quiet man, who loved to stay at home.

Groups condemn attack vs Ifugao activists

TINOC, Ifugao — Tinoc folk asserted their right to their ancestral land as they reiterated their opposition to the proposed hydropower project during the Ifugao leg of the 31st decentralized Cordillera Day celebrations held at Tokucan village here on May 1.

Ifugao folk assert right to ancestral land

TINOC, Ifugao — Tinoc folk asserted their right to their ancestral land as they reiterated their opposition to the proposed hydropower project during the Ifugao leg of the 31st decentralized Cordillera Day celebrations held at Tokucan village here on May 1.


Health workers call for salary increase

BAGUIO CITY — Despite being exhausted from their duties, nurses and other health workers of Baguio General Hospital staged a protest action to commemorate the National Health Workers’ Day and International Nurses’ Day on May 7, 2015.

Mining plunder could be source for campaign funds — KATRIBU

QUEZON CITY — Indigenous peoples’ organization KATRIBU Kalipunan ng mga Katutubong Mamamayan ng Pilipinas spokesperson, Piya Macliing Malayao  criticized the ruling Liberal Party’s alleged backing of the ruling Liberal Party to SR Metals Inc, a mining outfit in Agusan del Norte.


If 4 years of college is hell, what more if it becomes six? — parents

BAGUIO CITY — “Hirap na hirap na nga ang mga magulang at mga estudyante sa kasalukuyang apat na taong kolehiyo dahil sa kamahalan at tuloy-tuloy na pagtaas ng matrikula at iba pang babayarin, yun pa kayang madagdagan ng dalawang taon dahil sa K12 na yan? (The parents and the students are already hard up with this present four year college education because of the continuous increase in tuition and other school fees, what more with an additional two years because of K12?),” said parent Thomas Milanes.

NCCA pushes for integration of cultural heritage in K12

BAGUIO CITY — The National Commission for the Culture and the Arts (NCCA) pushes for the inclusion of Filipino cultural heritage into the K12 curriculum not only for the special programs for the arts but in all subjects where it is possible.

Unemployment rate in CAR increases

BAGUIO CITY — The unemployment rate in the Cordillera increased from 27,000 (3.8 %) in 2013 to 41,000 (5.6 %) in 2014, according to the regional office of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).